Myanmar: Hats Off to the Aussies!

7Myanmar Australia will immediately give three million dollars (2.82 million US) in aid for victims of the devastating cyclone that ravaged Myanmar, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Wednesday.

The announcement by Smith, who is visiting South Korea, came as Australian aid groups joined their global agencies in scrambling to provide relief despite visa restrictions imposed by the country’s military.

“This is a massive tragedy for the people of Burma,” he told reporters in Seoul, using the country’s former name.

One million dollars of the Australian government relief will go to Australian aid agencies operating in Myanmar such as CARE, World Vision and Caritas.

Another one million will be allocated to the UN World Food Program, while one million dollars will go to the UN children’s agency, UNICEF.
The aid package is structured to ensure that “very quickly, we can assist in remedial efforts on the ground,” Smith said… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Channel News Asia>

I’m pleased that someone is offering substantial help to these poor people.  By contrast, the compassionate conservative Crawford Caligula urged Myanmar to accept a meager $250,000.  Lackluster Laura also showed her compassion by using the Myanmar news conference as an occasion to discuss the details of Jenna’s upcoming wedding.


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