Primary Report: Indiana and North Carolina

The Democrats


The Primaries

Hillary Clinton won the Indiana primary 51% – 49% by 22,400 votes. Barack Obama won the north Carolina Primary 56% – 42% by 232,775 votes. This has to be considered a major win for Obama, because the margin of victory in Indiana was less than anticipated for Clinton, while in North Carolina, it was greater than anticipated for Obama.

The Delegates

Pledged Super Total Pledged Super Total
Clinton 1415 266 1681 47.2% 51.4% 47.8%
Obama 1584 252 1836 52.8% 48.6% 52.2%
Total 2999 518 3517

Since I last reported, Clinton has added 82 delegates, and Obama 100, giving Obama a net lead of 179 pledged and 155 total delegates. With only 217 pledged delegates left to be elected, Clinton will need 193 or 88.9% of the remaining pledged delegates to catch Obama in Pledged delegates. That will not happen. I may have to adjust these figures, but the differences will be small.

The Demographics


Indiana Clinton Obama
Male 51% 49%
Female 49% 51%
HS Grad 53% 47%
Some College 54% 46%
College Grad 43% 57%
Postgrad 43% 57%
Under $15,000 41% 59%
$15-30,000 55% 45%
$30-50,000 50% 50%
$50-75,000 51% 49%
$75-100,000 48% 52%
$100-150,000 60% 40%
Party ID
Democrat 51% 49%
Repuglican 53% 47%
Independent 46% 54%
White 60% 40%
Black 10% 90%
18-24 36% 64%
25-59 39% 61%
30-39 44% 56%
40-49 50% 50%
50-64 52% 48%
65+ 69% 31%
Protestant 50% 50%
Catholic 59% 41%
Other 39% 61%
None 42% 58%

North Carolina

North Carolina Clinton Obama
Male 39% 58%
Female 43% 55%
No HS 37% 60%
HS Grad 40% 57%
Some College 44% 54%
College Grad 44% 55%
Postgrad 41% 59%
Under $15,000 31% 66%
$15-30,000 35% 62%
$30-50,000 41% 56%
$50-75,000 47% 52%
$75-100,000 46% 53%
$100-150,000 42% 55%
Party ID
Democrat 39% 60%
Repuglican 61% 32%
Independent 50% 45%
White 61% 37%
Black 7% 91%
18-24 30% 69%
25-59 19% 80%
30-39 34% 62%
40-49 36% 62%
50-64 46% 52%
65+ 57% 41%
Protestant 45% 53%
Catholic 51% 48%
Other 27% 71%
None 29% 69%

Looking Forward

The only way Clinton can win the nomination is for the super delegates to overrule the voters. Next Tuesday is the West Virginia primary. Clinton holds a commanding 56% – 27% lead according to Rasmussen, but the state has only 39 pledged delegates at stake.

The Repuglicans


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McCain Promises Ideologue Judges

mccain5 John McCain has long rankled social conservatives with his stance on issues such as campaign finance reform and support for some embryonic stem cell research. On Tuesday, he sought to reassure those voters of his conservative credentials as he outlined his philosophy for appointing judges to the federal bench.

In an address at Wake Forest University, McCain pledged to nominate jurists who believe “there are clear limits to the scope of judicial power” and who are “faithful in all things to the Constitution of the United States.”

McCain added that he would choose nominees with “a proven record of excellence in the law, and a proven commitment to judicial restraint.”

By way of example, McCain said he would look for people in the cast of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., and his friend the late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. He called them “jurists of the highest caliber who know their own minds, and know the law, and know the difference.”

Some Democratic leaders immediately denounced McCain’s speech. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, accused McCain of pandering to the far right. Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said in a statement that McCain voted for every one of President Bush’s activist judges and said McCain “promises hundreds more just like them.”

Inserted from <LA Times>

Roberts, Alito and Rehnquist do not represent judicial restraint.  They are ideologue rightists.  Rehnquist was so aligned with right wing bigotry that he signed compacts on two separate properties that he once owned promising not to sell them to a person of color.  At other times, McConJob has held up Scalia and Thomas as role models for judges.  If he gets the opportunity to appoint one more ideologue to SCOTUS, we can kiss the Constitution goodbye forever.

Not only is McConJob a threat to the Constitution, but also he showed further signs of dementia.

7McCainDementia During his speech on judicial philosophy today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) appeared to have what Fox News’s Brit Hume would likely describe as a “senior moment.” In his prepared remarks, McCain intended to thank “the students and faculty of Wake Forest University” for their hospitality. But as the AP reports, when he delivered the speech, “he appeared confused about where he was for a moment“:

He appeared confused about where he was for a moment Tuesday, saying, “I appreciate the hospitality of the students and faculty of West Virginia,” then correcting himself to say Wake Forest as the audience laughed.

Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Inserted from <Think Progress>

I can’t speak for anyone else, but don’t you want a President who at least knows where he or she is?

Myanmar: Hats Off to the Aussies!

7Myanmar Australia will immediately give three million dollars (2.82 million US) in aid for victims of the devastating cyclone that ravaged Myanmar, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Wednesday.

The announcement by Smith, who is visiting South Korea, came as Australian aid groups joined their global agencies in scrambling to provide relief despite visa restrictions imposed by the country’s military.

“This is a massive tragedy for the people of Burma,” he told reporters in Seoul, using the country’s former name.

One million dollars of the Australian government relief will go to Australian aid agencies operating in Myanmar such as CARE, World Vision and Caritas.

Another one million will be allocated to the UN World Food Program, while one million dollars will go to the UN children’s agency, UNICEF.
The aid package is structured to ensure that “very quickly, we can assist in remedial efforts on the ground,” Smith said… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Channel News Asia>

I’m pleased that someone is offering substantial help to these poor people.  By contrast, the compassionate conservative Crawford Caligula urged Myanmar to accept a meager $250,000.  Lackluster Laura also showed her compassion by using the Myanmar news conference as an occasion to discuss the details of Jenna’s upcoming wedding.

Immigration: Flip-Flop-Flip

mccain4 What we need, 2006 John McCain insisted, is a comprehensive approach to immigration reform

“Our nation’s immigration system is broken. And without comprehensive immigration reform, our nation’s security will remain vulnerable. That is why we must act.”

No, this is all wrong, 2007 John McCain said. What we really need is to forget about “comprehensive” reform and focus our energies on securing the border.

John McCain spent months earlier this year arguing that the United States must combine border security efforts with a temporary worker program and an eventual path to citizenship for many illegal immigrants.

Now, the Republican presidential candidate emphasizes securing the borders first. The rest, he says, is still needed but will have to come later.

“I understand why you would call it a, quote, shift,” McCain told reporters Saturday after voters questioned him on his position during back-to-back appearances in this early voting state. “I say it is a lesson learned about what the American people’s priorities are. And their priority is to secure the borders.”

Au contraire, says 2008 John McCain. What we really need is a comprehensive approach to immigration reform

“We get in this kind of a circular firing squad on immigration reform in the Congress of the United States, and the lesson I learned from it is we’ve got to have comprehensive immigration reform.”

Maybe we could get all the various John McCains together in a room, let them debate one another on the various issues on which they’re diametrically opposed, and the Republicans can get back to us once they’ve figured out a policy platform. [emphasis added]

Inserted from <The Carpetbagger Report>

The author’s final comment is so dead on that I have nothing more to add.

FBI Raids GOP Goose Stepper

ME F.B.I. agents on Tuesday raided and temporarily shut down the offices of a small federal watchdog agency that is charged with protecting the rights of government whistle-blowers but has been accused of retaliating against whistle-blowers in its own ranks.

The raid on the downtown Washington headquarters of the agency, the Office of Special Counsel, and another at the home of its director, Scott J. Bloch, followed accusations that Mr. Bloch had destroyed evidence on government computers that might demonstrate wrongdoing.

Mr. Bloch, who has held the post of special counsel since January 2004, has denied intentionally destroying evidence from his agency’s computers, though he has acknowledged paying $1,000 of public money to a technology company, Geeks on Call, to scrub his own government computer in 2006. He has said he was trying to rid the computer of software viruses, an assertion challenged by members of Congress and by lawyers representing current and former employees of the office… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

Bloch has a long history or religious right activism and abuse of office, especially against the GLBT community.  I’m just geeky enough myself to know that a standard deep format, a task that can be accomplished by anyone with rudimentary computer skills, will rid the computer of viruses and will cost no more than $100 – $150.  A $1,000 wipe overwrites existing data so many times that the original data can never be recovered.

More Wars?

GOPSeal Three weeks after the 9/11 terror attacks, former U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld established an official military objective of not only removing the Saddam Hussein regime by force but overturning the regime in Iran, as well as in Syria and four other countries in the Middle East, according to a document quoted extensively in then Undersecretary of Defence for Policy Douglas Feith’s recently published account of the Iraq war decisions.

Feith’s account further indicates that this aggressive aim of remaking the map of the Middle East by military force and the threat of force was supported explicitly by the country’s top military leaders.

Feith’s book, ‘War and Decision’, released last month, provides excerpts of the paper Rumsfeld sent to President George W. Bush on Sep. 30, 2001 calling for the administration to focus not on taking down Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network but on the aim of establishing ‘new regimes’ in a series of states by ‘aiding local peoples to rid themselves of terrorists and to free themselves of regimes that support terrorism.’

In quoting from that document, Feith deletes the names of all of the states to be targeted except Afghanistan, inserting the phrase ‘some other states’ in brackets. In a facsimile of a page from a related Pentagon ‘campaign plan’ document, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein regimes are listed as ‘state regimes’ against which ‘plans and operations’ might be mounted, but the names of four other states are blacked out ‘for security reasons’.

Gen. Wesley Clark, who commanded the NATO bombing campaign in the Kosovo War, recalls in his 2003 book ‘Winning Modern Wars’ being told by a friend in the Pentagon in November 2001 that the list of states that Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary of Defence Paul Wolfowitz wanted to take down included Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

Clark writes that the list also included Lebanon. Feith reveals that Rumsfeld’s paper called for getting ‘Syria out of Lebanon’ as a major goal of U.S. policy.

When this writer asked Feith after a recent public appearance which countries’ names were deleted from the documents, he cited security reasons for the deletion. But when he was asked which of the six regimes on the Clark list were included in the Rumsfeld paper, he replied, ‘All of them.’… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <IPS>

This is confirmation of a story I posted here in March, 2007. That story was the video of a statement by Gen. Clark, which I am reposting here:

McCain-redphoneNow we have confirmation from within the inner circle of the GOP Reich that Iraq was only part of a plan for world domination through military force. They made the US a rogue state, and all involved in their attempt to implement this plan should be tried as war criminals.

On the campaign trail, McBoomBoom has promised more wars. I submit to you that these are the wars.

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McCain: Poor Vetting?

mccain3 In addition to having previously referred to Catholicism as “The Great Whore,” controversial pastor John Hagee said on NPR in September 2006 that Hurricane Katrina was the result of God condemning New Orleans because “there was to be a homosexual parade there” the day the hurricane hit — a belief he recently reaffirmed.

Despite Hagee’s radical and bigoted beliefs, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) sought and received Hagee’s endorsement for president — one McCain said he was “very honored” to have. Since then, Hagee’s views have garnered more attention, sparking wider questions as to why McCain would accept such an endorsement.

In a recent article on the McCain/Hagee saga, Newsweek reports that McCain aides attribute the courting of Hagee’s support to “poor vetting.” But some from McCain’s own party wonder how his views could have “slipped through the cracks”:

McCain’s aides attribute the Hagee controversy to poor vetting. But even some Republicans (not affiliated with the campaign) privately wonder how the pastor’s extreme views slipped through without notice. McCain personally wooed Hagee for more than a year.

Indeed, “some Republicans” weren’t the only ones greeting this explanation with confusion. The New York Times’s Frank Rich noted yesterday that “[a]ny 12-year-old with a laptop could have vetted this preacher in 30 seconds, tops”:

Are we really to believe that neither Mr. McCain nor his camp knew anything then about Mr. Hagee’s views? This particular YouTube video — far from the only one — was posted on Jan. 1, nearly two months before the Hagee-McCain press conference. Mr. Hagee appears on multiple religious networks, including twice daily on the largest, Trinity Broadcasting, which reaches 75 million homes. Any 12-year-old with a laptop could have vetted this preacher in 30 seconds, tops

…Newsweek noted that McCain “likes to think of himself as a straight-shooter” but when asked about Hagee’s endorsement, McCain starts “bobbing and weaving” — which is exactly what happened last month during an interview on ABC’s This Week. McCain agreed that the endorsement was “a mistake,” but 30 seconds later said he is “glad to have it.”

In seeking Hagee’s support, perhaps McCain and his staff did not “properly” vet the controversial pastor because they were taking advice from McCain’s buddy Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who just last year compared Hagee to Moses… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Think Progress>

The notion that McBigot did not know Hagee’s views is patently absurd.  I first reported on Hagee’s extremism in November, 2006, less than three weeks after I relocated my blog to Blogger.  Since, I have done so on ten other occasions.  If I have thoroughly vetted Hagee, it’s inconceivable that, with all their resources, the McConJob campaign did not.  Not only did he McFlipFlop within the space of 30 seconds, but also this goes beyond a mere flip-flop.  McLiar is McFullOfIt!