Gordon Smith: Protest in His Home Town

Smith-Gordon As Part Of Statewide Protests, Oregonians In Smith’s Hometown Protest His Corporate Sponsored Opposition To Climate Change Bill

Gordon Smith has become a vending machine for votes. Special interests insert money and Gordon Smith produces any vote they want.

Following earlier protests in Eugene and Medford, Oregonians in Pendleton, U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith’s (R-OR) hometown, demanded that Smith stand up to his corporate donors and stop opposing important climate change legislation.

Oregon cannot afford to have a senator whose special interest contributors have bought his opposition to fixing climate change,” said Ben Talley, Pendleton area organizer for the Stop Gordon Smith Campaign. “We can’t let Gordon Smith get away with serving the corporate interests rather than the people’s interests.”

“Why doesn’t Gordon Smith think Climate Change is a problem? Because he’s paid to ignore this crisis,” Talley said. “Smith has taken millions from Big Oil and other special interests who control his votes. In return, Smith has voted twice to keep $5 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil and oppose important climate change legislation.”

Smith’s donors have bought his opposition to the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act. Oregon’s other U.S. Senator, Democrat Ron Wyden, is a co-sponsor of the bill to combat climate change and the bill has bi-partisan support.

But Smith won’t support this important legislation. Smith has taken millions of dollars from the special interests who oppose this legislation, including hundreds of thousands from Big Oil…

…The bill would be an important step in combating climate change. It would cap greenhouse emissions and make appliances and buildings more energy efficient, according to The Register-Guard.

(The Register-Guard Editorial, 2-28-08)

The Eugene, Medford and Pendleton protests were held outside Smith’s offices. They were organized by the Stop Gordon Smith Campaign.

Goose-stepping Gordon does NOT represent Oregon!  Whether Novick, whom I support, or Merkely wins the Democratic nomination for Senator from Oregon, Gordon’s got to go!


Oregonian Endorses Steve Novick

27steve_novick Oregon Democrats have long coveted the seat of Sen. Gordon Smith, the only Republican currently holding statewide office. They consider him vulnerable because of the way he has supported the policies of an unpopular president while managing to rile many in his party. And in a year in which Democrats are expected to gain ground in Congress, they just may be right.

We think the candidate they should send to face Smith is, in some ways, the unlikeliest one of all: Steve Novick, an Ivy League lawyer who stands 4′-9″ and has a hook instead of a left hand.

This choice is unorthodox not just because of Novick’s remarkable personal characteristics and history, but because the Democratic Party establishment is supporting another solid candidate, Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley. Merkley launched his campaign after other prominent Oregon Democrats decided not to undertake the rigors and risks of a race against a well-heeled incumbent.

Merkley is an accomplished, decent and dignified politician. He has presided over a refreshingly productive legislative session — one-and-a-half of them, in fact — and has a compelling resume and personal story as the son of a southern Oregon mill worker and the first in his family to attend college.

Merkley and Novick are joined in the primary by Candy Neville, a bright and passionate woman from Eugene. She is drawing attention with her anti-war platform, yet is less prepared to be a senator than either of her two major rivals.

Also on the Democratic primary ballot are David Loera, Roger Obrist and perennial candidate Pavel Goberman, none of whom has mounted a serious campaign. On the Republican side, Smith is being challenged by fringe candidate Gordon Leitch.

Novick declared his intention to run against Smith early on, but Merkley, thanks to his party organization’s support, became the automatic front-runner when he entered the race. Yet Novick has gained national attention as Merkley’s campaign has stumbled. Novick clearly is a smart campaigner and has an untypical but convincing record of productive achievement.

Leading the team of lawyers working on the federal government’s case against Occidental Petroleum in the matter of Love Canal, Novick won a settlement that saved American taxpayers some $129 million in cleanup and relocation costs. He helped unite a fractious caucus in the Oregon Senate at a time when Democrats were a badly outnumbered minority…

…Novick is an unusual man with an unusual resume — characteristics that some suggest aren’t suited to the U.S. Senate. But we think his passion, his intellect and his personal style give him an intriguing combination of qualities that most senators don’t possess.

We think Novick represents a bold choice for Democrats who seek to dislodge a veteran incumbent. He has the potential to press Smith as he has done Merkley. And, should he pull off what would be a major electoral upset and go to Washington as the new junior senator from Oregon, he has the potential to make Oregonians proud.

Inserted from <The Oregonian>

I would have no trouble supporting Steve for Senator, and I favor him, but will stand behind the nominee, whoever it is against goose-stepping Gordon Smith, who claims to be a progressive moderate, but who votes with Bush as much as more than any other GOP Senator.  Novik will pull no punches in his drive for progressive reform.

McCain Loves Lobbyists, Disses Oregon Voters

mccain4 Senator John McCain has staked his campaign for the presidency in large part on his reputation as a reformer intent on curbing the influence of money in politics.

But an examination by The New York Times of a list of 106 elite fund-raisers who have brought in more than $100,000 each for Mr. McCain found that about a sixth of them were lobbyists. The list of “bundlers” was released on Friday by the McCain campaign.

The sizable number of lobbyists, who are outnumbered on the list only by those working in the financial services industry, offers another example of the balancing act that Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, is having to strike as he campaigns for the presidency and seeks to maintain his reputation as a reformer… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

So the second biggest block of fundraisers McConJob has are lobbyists, the very people he pretends to oppose.  And the biggest block is financial services.  Interpret that as the same group of multi-millionaires who scammed America, only to be bailed out by the Bush/GOP Reich, a move McMillionaire vociferously supports, but opposes help for home opwners, because Supply-side Jesus (the GOP invention, not to be confused with the real one) forbids that an undeserving borrower slip in.

Next, McConJob does not give a damn about my state.

mccain_bush_hug For the first time in modern Oregon politics, a major presidential campaign has missed the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet deadline. John McCain’s campaign will not be included in the Oregon Voters’ Guide for our May 20 primary.

At a mere $1000 dollars, the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet is one of the most cost-effective voter contact tools available anywhere. Which is why contested and uncontested primary campaigns alike fail to participate at their peril… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Blue Oregon>

Leave it to McConJob to show such total disrespect for Oregon voters, and by implication, voters everywhere.

Gordon Smith: Payback

Smith-Gordon That’s what Tax Day is for Gordon Smith’s special interest contributors. It’s the day they can tally up how many billions Gordon Smith is saving them in return for the millions they have contributed to his campaigns.

A couple examples. In each example, Smith cancelled out the vote of Oregon’s Democratic U.S. Senator, Ron Wyden.

Smith Helped Protect $5 Billion In Big Oil Tax Breaks.

Tax loopholes that save the oil industry $5 billion were removed from the original Senate version of the GOP tax reconciliation bill in February 2006, but after heavy lobbying by the industry, Congressional negotiators reinserted them into the final bill. The $5 billion tax break for Big-Oil could have been used instead to partially offset the increase in middle class taxes. Gordon Smith voted for the final tax bill with the Big-Oil tax breaks.

[Republican Policy Committee, 2/7/06; Washington Post, 4/26/06; Joint Tax Committee, 5/9/06; Vote 118, 5/11/06]

Smith Opposed Efforts To Lower Drug Prices For Seniors.

Smith voted against an amendment to allow the federal government to negotiate volume discounts for seniors the way it does for military personnel and veterans.

[Senate vote #60, 3/17/05]

How did these industries earn Smith’s votes?

With checks to his campaigns.

The Say Anything Senator has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Pharmaceutical and Health Products Industry over the last several years.

Smith has raised nearly $1.5 million from Big Oil and the other special interests who control his reckless environmental votes against reducing greenhouse gases and lowering fuel standards.

“Gordon Smith’s record clearly shows he’s a vending machine for votes,” DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith said. “Special interests insert money and Gordon Smith produces corporate tax breaks, overpriced prescription drugs and anything else they want.”… [emphasis original]

Inserted from <Stop Gordon Smith>

When Smith pretends to be a progressive moderate, don’t believe his lies. He is go-to Gordon for GOP goose-stepping.

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Smith: 8 Million Questions

Smith-Gordon Yes, we know he’s got money.

But who is it from and how does it affect his votes?

As journalists report on the millions of dollars Gordon Smith will have for his re-election campaign, they’ve unearthed the most important questions about his fundraising.

Where are Gordon Smith’s contributions coming from and how do they shape his votes in Washington, D.C.?

Smith Fundraising In The News

“The race is being closely watched nationally. Smith, the only Republican in the Senate who represents a West Coast state, is considered vulnerable. But he has a big campaign finance advantage over all of the candidates.”

(AP, 4-5-08)

After the May 20 primary, Gordon Smith will “…face the morning with at least $8 million.”

(David Sarasohn Column, The Oregonian, 4-6-08)

“The Pendleton Republican far outpaces any of the Democrats in fund-raising and name recognition.”

(OPB, 4-4-08)

Special Interests And Smith

The special interests have gotten what they paid for out of Smith. He has taken millions of dollars from special interests and repaid their contributions with a voting record that favors Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.

While cashing in more than a quarter million dollars from pharmaceutical and health care special interests, Smith has voted to ban the federal government from negotiating lower drug prices for seniors, opposed improving Medicare and left rural seniors medically stranded. In all these votes he cancelled out Democratic U.S. Senator Ron Wyden’s vote.

Smith has raised nearly $1.5 million from Big Oil and the other special interests who control his vote on climate change. He has heeded his special interest bosses and opposed Wyden’s bill combating climate change.

Gordon Smith has learned that when you deliver votes for the special interests, they deliver checks for your re-election,” DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith said. “From ignoring climate change to neglecting seniors, the special interests have gotten their money’s worth out of Gordon Smith.”

Inserted from <Stop Gordon Smith>

Whenever Gordon Smith pretends to be a progressive moderate, it is a lie. He does not represent Oregon. He represents the GOP party line. Oregon needs to elect whichever Democrat wins the nomination to oppose him.

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Novick Leads Merkley in Oregon Senate Poll

8Novick Portland lawyer Steve Novick received an important boost for his campaign Monday when a new poll showed with a measurable lead over his Democratic rival, House Speaker Jeff Merkley.

The Survey USA poll also provided a big dose of good news for long-shot candidate Candy Neville, who is in a statistical tie with Merkley. Here’s the chief numbers from the poll:

Novick…………..23 percent

Neville…………..12 percent

Merkley…………11 percent

David Loera……..6 percent

Roger Obrist…….5 percent

Pavel Goberman..3 percent

Undecided………40 percent

The margin of error is 4.1 percent in the automated poll. According to Associated Press, the Merkley campaign disputed the legitimacy of the survey, and some pollsters do have problems with Survey USA’s methodology, which uses a recorded voice to question respondents.

But the poll is a sign that Novick has made inroads thanks to the buzz over his unconventional ads (which made light of his physical disabilities) and his strong volunteer organization. When I was in Medford a week ago covering former President Bill Clinton, I watched Novick volunteers handing out fliers to the 2,000 or so people standing in line – and there was no one in sight from the Merkley campaign.

Inserted from <The Oregonian>

Something for my fellow Oregonians. Personally I favor Steve Novick, because he’s the more progressive candidate, but I would happily support either against our present Senator, Goose-stepping Gordon Smith, who pretends to be a progressive moderate, but is just another GOP hypocrite.

For the rest of you, in the same poll, Obama leads Clinton 52% – 42% here in Oregon.

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Decoding the Smith Myth

27dmr_gsmith2 Gordon Smith never lets his voting record interfere with his campaign rhetoric.

As he trumpets his work on his campaign website, Smith leaves out the money trail that shows special interests cashing in their contributions for his votes to raise the price of prescription drugs for seniors. He never mentions how he has opposed Democratic U.S. Senator Ron Wyden more than 1,600 times on votes important to Oregonians.

While Smith promotes the Smith Myth that he works with Wyden, fights the special interests and delivers for Oregonians, here’s the part of his record he won’t talk about.


“That is why Gordon fights for funding for Children’s Health Care, Medicaid and why he worked to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare.” (GordonSmith.com)


While cashing in more than a quarter million dollars from pharmaceutical and health care special interests, Gordon Smith has voted to ban the federal government from negotiating lower drug prices for seniors, opposed improving Medicare and left rural seniors medically stranded. In all these votes he cancelled out Wyden’s vote.


“To break ground on the massive construction project in Redmond, Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden found common ground in Washington to secure over $14 million. Because they know how much good they can do, Oregon’s Senators don’t squabble over issues that help Oregon.” (GordonSmith.com)


Gordon Smith has cancelled out Ron Wyden’s votes more than 1,600 times, from Iraq to climate change to health care, but you won’t hear Smith mention that on the campaign trail. Smith has millions of reasons for quietly opposing Wyden.

Smith has raised nearly $1.5 million from Big Oil and the other special interests who control his vote on climate change. He has heeded his special interest bosses and opposed Wyden’s bill combating climate change.

“Gordon Smith runs from his record faster than an Olympic sprinter,” DPO Communications Director Marc Siegel said. “It’s established that Smith disguises his record. It’s established that he rakes in the special interest money and churns out their legislation. It’s established that Gordon Smith opposes Ron Wyden on the important challenges facing Oregon. The only question is, will Gordon Smith campaign honestly and discuss his real record? So far, his answer is no.” [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Stop Gordon Smith>

Goose-stepping Gordon’s claims to be a progressive Republican are lies. While he does cast an occasional progressive vote, he skulks in the wings of the Senate until an issues is decided and then votes progressive. When it’s close enough for his vote to matter, Smith is a loyal sycophant for the GOP Reich.

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